WHY Stealth?

value added services

Our depth of experience serving companies in a diverse set of industries as well as our comprehensive in-house processes create a one-stop shop solution for your company.

Stealth utilizes a blend of lean manufacturing, cell systems, robotics and automation to streamline the production process and remove waste. The majority of production equipment, including quick change tooling systems, have been specifically engineered and customizedcustomized based on our manufacturing needs. We ensure unparalleled production that meets the highest standards, as well as the following benefits:

  • Fast turnaround times. Not only do we handle both small and large production orders, but we also reduce lead times and deliver fast service by keeping all processes under one roof. Your business thrives when you can respond to the needs of your own customers, and Stealth Manufacturing helps you achieve this responsiveness through industry-leading turnaround times.
  • Exceptional quality. Everything we do is focused on achieving the highest level of quality. We take great pride in our workmanship, and it shows in our results. We have experience in taking designs and concepts from companies operating in a spectrum of industries, and then translating those designs and concepts into durable products that represent the utmost in quality.
  • Reduced costs. Our single solution approach to manufacturing leads to reduced costs that we pass along to our customers. By reducing lead times, quality issues, handling, freight and administrative work, we are able to offer a high-value service that quickly delivers products of the best quality.


At Stealth Manufacturing, we see ourselves as an extension of your success. This philosophy shines through in each customer interaction. We evolve constantly to customize our comprehensive services to best meet your needs and help your business grow and achieve its objectives. As your value added burner related supplier, we can create the processes needed to streamline your production requirements quickly with high-quality components and products.

Don’t be fooled by others who offer turnkey manufacturing only to provide partial services or processes that include outsourcing. At Stealth, we take care of your manufacturing from start to finish. This is important because our manufacturing services allow us to provide industry-leading turnaround times and competitive prices.


We’re proud to offer value-added metal fabrication and manufacturing services right here in the United States. You won’t have to sacrifice extended lead times, and you get manufactured products of the highest quality when you select Stealth as your trusted partner.


When you choose Stealth as your manufacturing solution, you gain access to our depth of experience, our knowledge of a wide spectrum of industries and our in-house resources. We take complete responsibility of the process, and we ensure the best results by first identifying the ideal processing method for your product.

We never consider our process development fully complete, as we’re always searching for new and better ways to improve and deliver value added contract manufacturing that results in the fastest turnaround times and components of the highest quality.


Stealth gains an understanding of how your product is currently made, identifies any shortfalls in its design and manufacturing process, and produces a superior solution. Through this process, Stealth assesses which proprietary machinery is best suited for your needs. On several occasions, if no equipment exist, we internally develop the machinery, driving customer loyalty and cost-savings. 

Our Engineering team can work with your Engineers to bring your team’s idea to life. Our engineers have over 40 years of industry knowledge to assist.


When you’re searching for a manufacturer that has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to provide exceptional services, look no further than Stealth Manufacturing. We work with clients in North America and beyond, helping their businesses reach their maximum potential. We are fully focused on your needs, whether you need value added manufacturing services, prototypes, production runs, tube bending or another customized solution.