When it comes to the heart of a boiler, gas burners are an essential component that can make or break its functionality. As a proud manufacturer of gas burners for boilers, Stealth takes great pride in providing the highest quality products to our clients’. Each burner is meticulously crafted with expert precision to ensure its durability, efficiency, and reliability. 

We understand that every boiler has unique needs which is why we able to manufacturer a wide range of burner sizes and specifications tailored to fit each specific application. Whether it’s for industrial or residential use, you can trust us to deliver the best performance possible for your burners. 

Our team of engineers constantly strive for innovative solutions to maximum heat transfer while reducing fuel consumption; making sure that not only are we meeting client demands but exceeding them as well. We believe in setting ourselves apart by offering personalized service built on honesty, integrity, and transparency; fostering long-term relationships with customers who appreciate superior value cre-ated through exceptional products made by skilled craftspeople at our facility.


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Not only do we focus on fast turnaround times and affordable solutions for companies, but we also work across industries. This allows us to quickly get up to speed on your needs and develop custom solutions. No matter your industry, you can always count on Stealth, to meet the highest quality standards.